Wednesday, January 2, 2013

KII Meters | Information | Boise, ID | Paranormal

By Scott A. – Co-Founder BoiCGH

The KII meter is an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. It works just like the other EMF meters you may have in your ghost hunting arsenal. The main difference between the KII meter and other EMF meters is in the way that it displays information. While most EMF meters display a numerical value representing the strength of the EMF, the KII meter displays colored lights.
The five colored lights on the KII meter, three green and two red, gives the user an easy to understand indicator of the presence of EMF. The stronger the EMF, the more lights that light up, with stronger signals lighting all the green and one or both of the red. The lights are also easy to see in dark environments, like the ones encountered while ghost hunting. The KII can be held in your hand while sweeping rooms for EMF, placed on a table or bed during question-and-response sessions, and located within camera view in active areas for later review.
As with all paranormal investigation tools the investigator must be careful when interpreting “hits” on the KII meter. Like other EMF detectors, the KII is subject to interference from a variety of sources. Cell phones, walkie-talkies, appliances, and even nearby power lines have been known to produce false readings. The challenge for the investigator is to determine when a hit is false and when it is not. Only experience and further investigation can help make that determination. Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, if evidence is ever in doubt, we will throw it out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just in time for Halloween...

Tis the season for spooky stories, and here at BoiCGH we are all about spooky stories. However, stories are better when they aren't just stories, but based on real people and events, and experienced first hand. What follows is just a few local examples to keep you busy until All Hallows Eve. The Communications Building at Boise State University The former Student Union Building is said to be inhabited by a ghost named Dynah. She was given this specific name because --allegedly-- a ghost hunting team had gone on a mission, and when asked who was in the building, a piano began to play "Someone's in the kitchen with Dynah..." There have been reports of chalkboards having messages on them, bolts of fabric being taken elsewhere, lights being turned off and on, and the feeling of being watched. Though the story of her death by suicide after being left behind by her love is tragic, this is not rumored to be a menacing presence. Mulligan's Bar -- 10th Block of Main Street The second floor of this building, it is said, is riddled with foul and unknown odors and moving objets. Some people have also heard disembodied voices, though there is as of yet no speculation as to who the occupant(s) may be. There is a history of the building as a brothel, like much of Old Boise, and the possibility remains that there are lingering spirits of ladies of the night. Hannifin's Cigar Store -- 11th and Main The store is said to be haunted by the ghost of Raymond Snowden who had run there to hide after committing a horrible murder at the Hi-Ho Club (now Club Savvy's) in 1956. Reports say he ran to the bathroom to hide; the police quickly located Snowden and the murder weapon, which had been lying in a gutter just steps from the front door of Hannifin's. He was later sentenced to death. Reports include hearing heavy footsteps between the front door and the bathroom, and the laughter of a woman--thought to be the laughter of murder victim Cora Dean, getting the last laugh. To read more about Ramond Snowden and his horrific crimes, click here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

InHuman Haunts | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal

By : Lori P | Investigator | Boise City Ghost Hunters

Undoubtedly the most frightening, is a demonic, or inhuman, haunting. In this case, the entity is similar to a traditional haunting because the spirit is intelligent and is existing in the present moment with you. Unfortunately, the emotion that is tying them to the earthly realm is usually anger. These spirits are malevolent and hostile, suffering from psychological instability or distress stemming from an unresolved conflict with the people who are being subjected to the demonic activity. Demonic presences tend to be ‘unleashed' in order for them to manifest. This is one reason why the use of an Ouija Board is customarily discouraged among many ghost hunters.

Inhuman spirits are exactly what the name implies. These spirits are inhuman and have never been a human. They exist as an entity of their own. Some claim that inhuman spirits are demons or evil spirits that were cast out of heaven with Satan. These spirits roam the earth in search of someone whom they can possess.

Inhuman spirits may appear intelligent, but should not be confused with intelligent ghosts. They are deceitful and will use any means necessary to gain control of your body. They may have knowledge of events in your life that you think only the spirit of a departed loved one may know. This is merely trickery to convince you that they are benign. They are not

During an investigation, the inhuman spirit may suddenly appear to be friendly and may even manifest as a lost soul searching for answers. The reason is simple. The inhuman spirit wants to avoid detection by those who have the power to remove them from the area. It wants to prevent a blessing or exorcism of the home. It is important to keep in mind the actions that have been reported prior to an investigators visit.
Inhuman spirits are dangerous and should not be taken lightly, and definitely are nothing to play with. Paranormal and religious leaders warn that playing with an Ouija Board or otherwise inviting the inhuman spirit to interact with you should be avoided. Attempts to provoke the spirit or demands placed on the spirit by an untrained individual may make matters much worse.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Brief History of China Blue. And the Woman Left Behind.

The Turners were a
world-wide connection of Germans organized by gymnasts in Berlin in 1811. Their mission was
“To promote the
virtue of self-improvement and national progress through manly exercise.”
-Todd Shallat
The word Turnverein itself means athletic club,
especially of gymnasts.
The building at 6th and Main
used to house a 400 seat ground floor, a 200 seat balcony, the city’s best
billiards room, and boasted a full gym—with indoor showers. They even
included a ladies parlor.
At the laying of their Cornerstone in 1906, the Turners
present sang “Die Wacht am Rhine,” meaning to “stand guard at
the Rhine,” a tribute to where they came
It was a place for gathering and embracing a heritage, and
being able to celebrate that with people who came from the same homeland.
Unfortunately, around the time of World War I, some
semi-local vigilantes terrorized the German population not only in Boise, but its surrounding
areas. Suspicion of all things German caused many to hide, leave, or sell
property–including having to abandoned the Turnverein.
After it was sold in 1916, it became a 7th Day Adventist
Church, a WWII Air Force
office, a Churchill’s Restaurant, a strip club, and a slew of bars.
For more information on this and other historic Boise buildings, along
with before and after photos, check out the site!
And since this is a BoiCGH blog… There has been an apparition
seen in this building for many years.
According to witnesses, she is a young woman, about mid to late 20s,
with short brown hair.  She is in period
clothing; something a young woman would have worn to a party during the era
before the building was sold; these appear to be around 1920s clothing.  She was at a party with the ladies social
club located at the Turnverein building, and that evening she died in the
elevator shaft.  No one knows how.
However, she has been known to pop up in people’s photos,
still wearing her dress, just joining the party.  She is not anyone to be afraid of; but look
in your photos for an extra body at the party!
Who knows…you may get lucky.

America’s favorite past time not only represented by the Hawks

While it is true that we have a well known baseball team, with players moving on to the majors for the last 20 years, the team that is often forgotten was in existance from 1892-1973.
The Outlaws, the baseball team from the Old State Penitentiary, was a team formed by inmates, played by inmates, against other inmates, and coached by both inmates and even prison staff.
The league ran from the first year of the prison opening, until it’s close in 1973. The inmates at the prison today still play, both against other inmates and even guards. and call themselves the Outlaws in memoriam.

Places you never knew about

We all know that Boise has an amazing past; not everyone appreciates it in the same way, but it is, nonetheless, everywhere you are.
Veterans Memorial Park got it’s name from the Old Soldiers Home that used to be on those same grounds. It was an amazing, statuesque building that housed Veterans from the Civil War through WWII. Some of our best loved Mayors were Civil War Veterans, some even Confederate soldiers, who fell in love with the city. Once they were treated and released from the hospital there, leaving Boise was no longer an option.
The building maintained its stature from its building in 1893, until it was torn down to make room for freeway expansion in the mid 1970s. It served as a hospital, a physical therapy locale, and was a place for Veterans to safely retire within a community they knew so well.
If you have never been to the area, it is on the corner of State and Veterans Parkway. There is a beautiful memorial in the center, with granite slabs thanking all Veterans. They include MIAs, POWs, and those killed in action. It is a beautiful place with beautiful, grateful memories.
There is more information and photographs of this and many other gone but not forgotten buildings on our historical website. Just follow the “Interesting Facts”!

Paranormal Backstab ~ The Haunting Reality

Today we encountered our first ever paranormal backstab.  The constant message driven home by TV week after week has finally shown it’s nasty blade to my back.  Every inspiring ghost hunter thinks every week will bring a new top notch venue.  A new experience that most anyone else has to pay for.  A new career of popularity driven by the hype machine that is paranormal TV.  Honestly, when Boise City Ghost Hunters was founded for the first very brief while we thought, “hey, this will be fun and exciting”.  Quickly we realized it was much more than running around in the dark chasing the unknown.  It was a job.  A job we didn’t get paid for.  A  job we volunteered for.  We started to understand fast that what we were thinking we were doing.  And what we actually were doing.  Were two completely different things.
The first time we as Boise City Ghost Hunters walked into a house where we found an entire family afraid for what looked to be their lives.  We knew it was much more than a fun Friday night.  Since that time Boise City Ghost Hunters has dedicated hours upon hours of time, energy, absence from our families, and money towards helping anyone we can find peace in their homes.
We may not have the greatest equipment.  We may not have the largest team.  We may not have an abundance of fancy, historical, allegedly haunted event centers to filter in the many who look for the next big thrill.  We may not always know the exact path to take with a client.  We do however have an unrelenting desire to learn and educate ourselves on a daily basis.  We do have courage that will stand up with any of our clients against the unknown.  We have intelligent minds that do their best to think outside of the box to find logical answers. And some of the most willing to help people you will ever find.  Being the founder of Boise City Ghost Hunters I swear to whoever will listen that Boise City Ghost Hunters will never fall into the media hyped, television corrupt, category of popularity and who has the better location to hunt.  Historical Landmarks and Haunted Villa’s would be great.  But not at the expense of those in our communities around the world that genuinely need our help.
I apologize for the rant.  Thank you to anyone who gave it consideration.  God is love!