Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paranormal Investigator “certification”, and Charging for investigations.

First off, over the past year or so, many paranormal websites and/or groups have offered courses of certification for paranormal investigating. There is no certification available for this field. If someone is offering certification courses on the subject of paranormal investigations and charging for them, then you should be very concerned about your investment. Outside of psychology, religious theory, videography, photography classes, and a few others, there is no way any group or person can “certify” themselves as a paranromal investigator.
This is not to discredit the many appearances, speaches, and public hunts paranormal groups hold all around the world. Those can definitely benefit someone interested in becoming a paranormal investigator. But they WILL NOT and CANNOT certify you. They are merely there to educate, enlighten, and promote the field of paranormal investigating.
Secondly, I want to briefly discuss the paranormal groups that charge for investigations, specific parts of the process, and/or time. Paranormal investigating is first and foremost a way for unselfish people all around the world to come together and help their communities. I would not condone any group that charges for any part of their investigation process. Donations are acceptable but should never be solicited and/or required.
These are just a few issues I have seen over the past year in our ever growing community of paranormal groups and investigators. Please if you are looking for help take these thoughts into consideration before you make your decision…

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