Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just in time for Halloween...

Tis the season for spooky stories, and here at BoiCGH we are all about spooky stories. However, stories are better when they aren't just stories, but based on real people and events, and experienced first hand. What follows is just a few local examples to keep you busy until All Hallows Eve. The Communications Building at Boise State University The former Student Union Building is said to be inhabited by a ghost named Dynah. She was given this specific name because --allegedly-- a ghost hunting team had gone on a mission, and when asked who was in the building, a piano began to play "Someone's in the kitchen with Dynah..." There have been reports of chalkboards having messages on them, bolts of fabric being taken elsewhere, lights being turned off and on, and the feeling of being watched. Though the story of her death by suicide after being left behind by her love is tragic, this is not rumored to be a menacing presence. Mulligan's Bar -- 10th Block of Main Street The second floor of this building, it is said, is riddled with foul and unknown odors and moving objets. Some people have also heard disembodied voices, though there is as of yet no speculation as to who the occupant(s) may be. There is a history of the building as a brothel, like much of Old Boise, and the possibility remains that there are lingering spirits of ladies of the night. Hannifin's Cigar Store -- 11th and Main The store is said to be haunted by the ghost of Raymond Snowden who had run there to hide after committing a horrible murder at the Hi-Ho Club (now Club Savvy's) in 1956. Reports say he ran to the bathroom to hide; the police quickly located Snowden and the murder weapon, which had been lying in a gutter just steps from the front door of Hannifin's. He was later sentenced to death. Reports include hearing heavy footsteps between the front door and the bathroom, and the laughter of a woman--thought to be the laughter of murder victim Cora Dean, getting the last laugh. To read more about Ramond Snowden and his horrific crimes, click here.

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