Tuesday, October 9, 2012

InHuman Haunts | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal

By : Lori P | Investigator | Boise City Ghost Hunters

Undoubtedly the most frightening, is a demonic, or inhuman, haunting. In this case, the entity is similar to a traditional haunting because the spirit is intelligent and is existing in the present moment with you. Unfortunately, the emotion that is tying them to the earthly realm is usually anger. These spirits are malevolent and hostile, suffering from psychological instability or distress stemming from an unresolved conflict with the people who are being subjected to the demonic activity. Demonic presences tend to be ‘unleashed' in order for them to manifest. This is one reason why the use of an Ouija Board is customarily discouraged among many ghost hunters.

Inhuman spirits are exactly what the name implies. These spirits are inhuman and have never been a human. They exist as an entity of their own. Some claim that inhuman spirits are demons or evil spirits that were cast out of heaven with Satan. These spirits roam the earth in search of someone whom they can possess.

Inhuman spirits may appear intelligent, but should not be confused with intelligent ghosts. They are deceitful and will use any means necessary to gain control of your body. They may have knowledge of events in your life that you think only the spirit of a departed loved one may know. This is merely trickery to convince you that they are benign. They are not

During an investigation, the inhuman spirit may suddenly appear to be friendly and may even manifest as a lost soul searching for answers. The reason is simple. The inhuman spirit wants to avoid detection by those who have the power to remove them from the area. It wants to prevent a blessing or exorcism of the home. It is important to keep in mind the actions that have been reported prior to an investigators visit.
Inhuman spirits are dangerous and should not be taken lightly, and definitely are nothing to play with. Paranormal and religious leaders warn that playing with an Ouija Board or otherwise inviting the inhuman spirit to interact with you should be avoided. Attempts to provoke the spirit or demands placed on the spirit by an untrained individual may make matters much worse.


  1. This is so strange to me.. I have heard that in many cases through EVP you can here almost a watery white noise along with the voice of an inhuman entity. I'm also scared because it reminds me too much of the spirit in the Patterson apartment where I live currently. The energy here and the events here, have made me a FIRM believer in ghosts. -Cody Woody

  2. Don't get me wrong, people are entitled to what they want to believe that is why we as Paranormal investigators do what we do. We help those who may have a doubt and help them understand that it is OK.anomalies