Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ghostly encounters

Local citizens can tell you that the encounters around Boise extend beyond the borders of our fair city.
One story comes from a woman in McCall, only to be referred to as “A”.  While on a camping trip near Wagon Wheel Road, “A” had a terrifying experience.  Her camping partner happened to practice Wicca, and was in a state of mind to communicate with the beyond.  The topic of a former love arose who had been murdered, and the practicing witch expressed a knowledge of the killing.  “A” does not remember much after that, but woke up the next morning in the middle of the abandoned dirt road, stratch marks down both of her arms, and hand prints on her shoulders where she had apparently been grabbed.
Our second story originates in Mountain Home.  Ms. X, a Boise resident, was visiting friends in Mountain Home.  As a joke, a few of her friends left the home and warned of a ghost on their way out; Ms. X and her cohort thought nothing of it and went about their evening.  About half an hour later, they began hearing noises from the back bedroom, knowing for certain they were alone in the home.  Every 10 minutes they would hear a knocking, a creak, and then the door would close, reopening itself just to repeat the action.  Attempting to pass off the occurrance as coincidence, she and her friend turned up the movie and continued their evening.  When a loud knock came at the front door and no one was there, or anywhere in sight on the desolate Mountain Home road, the pair bolted out of the back door and Ms. X has not returned to the home since.
Your author has experienced a few ecounters as well.  As a child, I was at the playground with a friend and we had decided to return to her home for snacks that we weren’t allowed to eat before her parents got home from work.  Upon arrival at her house, we noticed the front door open, but her parents cars were not in the driveway.  We, perhaps stupidly, entered the home and locked the door behind us, going down the stairs to the basement where her bedroom was.  This is the point at which we heard loud footsteps on the floor above us and a creaking from the stairs.  We rushed up the stairs, noticing the deadbolt had not been moved, and explored the main floor.  When we could not find anything, the back and front doors were deadbolted, and the two of us dumb-founded, we stood in silent shock as we listened to quiet voices and creaking floors in the basement below us where we had just been.  That is when we made our escape to my own home, where we did not mention the experience for years.
For myself, my most vivid experience came in high school, my freshman year.  I was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.  When I looked at the foot of my bed it looked as though there was someone sitting there, with the imprint of the body on the edge of my bed.  Thinking (hoping) is was just the way the sheets fell, I swept my feet over the covers to fix it.  It did.  A few seconds later, however, the same formation game back, and the feeling of the pressure accompanied it.  Knowing the history of my own home, and us being the first owners, I did not know what to make of the experince; this is what led me into the paranormal.
After hearing these stories, I am looking into the properties to see if there is any indication of past events that could have caused these.  I encourage any readers with experiences or questions to email me!  If you would like me to research your location for you even just to validate a suspicion or experience, my email is always open.  You may also comment on this and share your own experiences with the paranorma community; there are definitely more experiences out there than people admit.

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