Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Brief History of China Blue. And the Woman Left Behind.

The Turners were a
world-wide connection of Germans organized by gymnasts in Berlin in 1811. Their mission was
“To promote the
virtue of self-improvement and national progress through manly exercise.”
-Todd Shallat
The word Turnverein itself means athletic club,
especially of gymnasts.
The building at 6th and Main
used to house a 400 seat ground floor, a 200 seat balcony, the city’s best
billiards room, and boasted a full gym—with indoor showers. They even
included a ladies parlor.
At the laying of their Cornerstone in 1906, the Turners
present sang “Die Wacht am Rhine,” meaning to “stand guard at
the Rhine,” a tribute to where they came
It was a place for gathering and embracing a heritage, and
being able to celebrate that with people who came from the same homeland.
Unfortunately, around the time of World War I, some
semi-local vigilantes terrorized the German population not only in Boise, but its surrounding
areas. Suspicion of all things German caused many to hide, leave, or sell
property–including having to abandoned the Turnverein.
After it was sold in 1916, it became a 7th Day Adventist
Church, a WWII Air Force
office, a Churchill’s Restaurant, a strip club, and a slew of bars.
For more information on this and other historic Boise buildings, along
with before and after photos, check out the site!
And since this is a BoiCGH blog… There has been an apparition
seen in this building for many years.
According to witnesses, she is a young woman, about mid to late 20s,
with short brown hair.  She is in period
clothing; something a young woman would have worn to a party during the era
before the building was sold; these appear to be around 1920s clothing.  She was at a party with the ladies social
club located at the Turnverein building, and that evening she died in the
elevator shaft.  No one knows how.
However, she has been known to pop up in people’s photos,
still wearing her dress, just joining the party.  She is not anyone to be afraid of; but look
in your photos for an extra body at the party!
Who knows…you may get lucky.

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