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Just in time for Halloween...

Tis the season for spooky stories, and here at BoiCGH we are all about spooky stories. However, stories are better when they aren't just stories, but based on real people and events, and experienced first hand. What follows is just a few local examples to keep you busy until All Hallows Eve. The Communications Building at Boise State University The former Student Union Building is said to be inhabited by a ghost named Dynah. She was given this specific name because --allegedly-- a ghost hunting team had gone on a mission, and when asked who was in the building, a piano began to play "Someone's in the kitchen with Dynah..." There have been reports of chalkboards having messages on them, bolts of fabric being taken elsewhere, lights being turned off and on, and the feeling of being watched. Though the story of her death by suicide after being left behind by her love is tragic, this is not rumored to be a menacing presence. Mulligan's Bar -- 10th Block of Main Street The second floor of this building, it is said, is riddled with foul and unknown odors and moving objets. Some people have also heard disembodied voices, though there is as of yet no speculation as to who the occupant(s) may be. There is a history of the building as a brothel, like much of Old Boise, and the possibility remains that there are lingering spirits of ladies of the night. Hannifin's Cigar Store -- 11th and Main The store is said to be haunted by the ghost of Raymond Snowden who had run there to hide after committing a horrible murder at the Hi-Ho Club (now Club Savvy's) in 1956. Reports say he ran to the bathroom to hide; the police quickly located Snowden and the murder weapon, which had been lying in a gutter just steps from the front door of Hannifin's. He was later sentenced to death. Reports include hearing heavy footsteps between the front door and the bathroom, and the laughter of a woman--thought to be the laughter of murder victim Cora Dean, getting the last laugh. To read more about Ramond Snowden and his horrific crimes, click here.

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InHuman Haunts | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal

By : Lori P | Investigator | Boise City Ghost Hunters

Undoubtedly the most frightening, is a demonic, or inhuman, haunting. In this case, the entity is similar to a traditional haunting because the spirit is intelligent and is existing in the present moment with you. Unfortunately, the emotion that is tying them to the earthly realm is usually anger. These spirits are malevolent and hostile, suffering from psychological instability or distress stemming from an unresolved conflict with the people who are being subjected to the demonic activity. Demonic presences tend to be ‘unleashed' in order for them to manifest. This is one reason why the use of an Ouija Board is customarily discouraged among many ghost hunters.

Inhuman spirits are exactly what the name implies. These spirits are inhuman and have never been a human. They exist as an entity of their own. Some claim that inhuman spirits are demons or evil spirits that were cast out of heaven with Satan. These spirits roam the earth in search of someone whom they can possess.

Inhuman spirits may appear intelligent, but should not be confused with intelligent ghosts. They are deceitful and will use any means necessary to gain control of your body. They may have knowledge of events in your life that you think only the spirit of a departed loved one may know. This is merely trickery to convince you that they are benign. They are not

During an investigation, the inhuman spirit may suddenly appear to be friendly and may even manifest as a lost soul searching for answers. The reason is simple. The inhuman spirit wants to avoid detection by those who have the power to remove them from the area. It wants to prevent a blessing or exorcism of the home. It is important to keep in mind the actions that have been reported prior to an investigators visit.
Inhuman spirits are dangerous and should not be taken lightly, and definitely are nothing to play with. Paranormal and religious leaders warn that playing with an Ouija Board or otherwise inviting the inhuman spirit to interact with you should be avoided. Attempts to provoke the spirit or demands placed on the spirit by an untrained individual may make matters much worse.

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A Brief History of China Blue. And the Woman Left Behind.

The Turners were a
world-wide connection of Germans organized by gymnasts in Berlin in 1811. Their mission was
“To promote the
virtue of self-improvement and national progress through manly exercise.”
-Todd Shallat
The word Turnverein itself means athletic club,
especially of gymnasts.
The building at 6th and Main
used to house a 400 seat ground floor, a 200 seat balcony, the city’s best
billiards room, and boasted a full gym—with indoor showers. They even
included a ladies parlor.
At the laying of their Cornerstone in 1906, the Turners
present sang “Die Wacht am Rhine,” meaning to “stand guard at
the Rhine,” a tribute to where they came
It was a place for gathering and embracing a heritage, and
being able to celebrate that with people who came from the same homeland.
Unfortunately, around the time of World War I, some
semi-local vigilantes terrorized the German population not only in Boise, but its surrounding
areas. Suspicion of all things German caused many to hide, leave, or sell
property–including having to abandoned the Turnverein.
After it was sold in 1916, it became a 7th Day Adventist
Church, a WWII Air Force
office, a Churchill’s Restaurant, a strip club, and a slew of bars.
For more information on this and other historic Boise buildings, along
with before and after photos, check out the site!
And since this is a BoiCGH blog… There has been an apparition
seen in this building for many years.
According to witnesses, she is a young woman, about mid to late 20s,
with short brown hair.  She is in period
clothing; something a young woman would have worn to a party during the era
before the building was sold; these appear to be around 1920s clothing.  She was at a party with the ladies social
club located at the Turnverein building, and that evening she died in the
elevator shaft.  No one knows how.
However, she has been known to pop up in people’s photos,
still wearing her dress, just joining the party.  She is not anyone to be afraid of; but look
in your photos for an extra body at the party!
Who knows…you may get lucky.

America’s favorite past time not only represented by the Hawks

While it is true that we have a well known baseball team, with players moving on to the majors for the last 20 years, the team that is often forgotten was in existance from 1892-1973.
The Outlaws, the baseball team from the Old State Penitentiary, was a team formed by inmates, played by inmates, against other inmates, and coached by both inmates and even prison staff.
The league ran from the first year of the prison opening, until it’s close in 1973. The inmates at the prison today still play, both against other inmates and even guards. and call themselves the Outlaws in memoriam.

Places you never knew about

We all know that Boise has an amazing past; not everyone appreciates it in the same way, but it is, nonetheless, everywhere you are.
Veterans Memorial Park got it’s name from the Old Soldiers Home that used to be on those same grounds. It was an amazing, statuesque building that housed Veterans from the Civil War through WWII. Some of our best loved Mayors were Civil War Veterans, some even Confederate soldiers, who fell in love with the city. Once they were treated and released from the hospital there, leaving Boise was no longer an option.
The building maintained its stature from its building in 1893, until it was torn down to make room for freeway expansion in the mid 1970s. It served as a hospital, a physical therapy locale, and was a place for Veterans to safely retire within a community they knew so well.
If you have never been to the area, it is on the corner of State and Veterans Parkway. There is a beautiful memorial in the center, with granite slabs thanking all Veterans. They include MIAs, POWs, and those killed in action. It is a beautiful place with beautiful, grateful memories.
There is more information and photographs of this and many other gone but not forgotten buildings on our historical website. Just follow the “Interesting Facts”!

Paranormal Backstab ~ The Haunting Reality

Today we encountered our first ever paranormal backstab.  The constant message driven home by TV week after week has finally shown it’s nasty blade to my back.  Every inspiring ghost hunter thinks every week will bring a new top notch venue.  A new experience that most anyone else has to pay for.  A new career of popularity driven by the hype machine that is paranormal TV.  Honestly, when Boise City Ghost Hunters was founded for the first very brief while we thought, “hey, this will be fun and exciting”.  Quickly we realized it was much more than running around in the dark chasing the unknown.  It was a job.  A job we didn’t get paid for.  A  job we volunteered for.  We started to understand fast that what we were thinking we were doing.  And what we actually were doing.  Were two completely different things.
The first time we as Boise City Ghost Hunters walked into a house where we found an entire family afraid for what looked to be their lives.  We knew it was much more than a fun Friday night.  Since that time Boise City Ghost Hunters has dedicated hours upon hours of time, energy, absence from our families, and money towards helping anyone we can find peace in their homes.
We may not have the greatest equipment.  We may not have the largest team.  We may not have an abundance of fancy, historical, allegedly haunted event centers to filter in the many who look for the next big thrill.  We may not always know the exact path to take with a client.  We do however have an unrelenting desire to learn and educate ourselves on a daily basis.  We do have courage that will stand up with any of our clients against the unknown.  We have intelligent minds that do their best to think outside of the box to find logical answers. And some of the most willing to help people you will ever find.  Being the founder of Boise City Ghost Hunters I swear to whoever will listen that Boise City Ghost Hunters will never fall into the media hyped, television corrupt, category of popularity and who has the better location to hunt.  Historical Landmarks and Haunted Villa’s would be great.  But not at the expense of those in our communities around the world that genuinely need our help.
I apologize for the rant.  Thank you to anyone who gave it consideration.  God is love!

Moses Alexander–The Countrys First Jewish Governor

Born in 1853 in Bavaria, Moses Alexander didn’t have long before he made the move to New York.  At the age of 14, with no money and no father to provide for them, he and his sisters left for New York.  Upon their arrival, his sisters sent Moses to live with a cousin in Missouri who owned a clothing store, giving Alexander his first job, and unknowlingly starting a legacy.
In 1891, Moses made his move to Boise to open is own clothing business.  It began as a wagon with a running up and down Main Street with the name “Alexander’s One-Price Clothier” on the side.  His business was so successful for just that reason; one price, no more, no less–this also meant no bartering which gave him an edge monetarily over other merchants at this time.  Eventually his business became so successful it had to be moved to a permanent building, Alexanders White Store.  The building is on the corner of 9th and Main and currently houses Zions Bank; the features of the facade of the building are very well maintained.
After his success as business man, he decided to invest with others in a plot on State Street where Temple Beth Israel now stands.  This happened between 1895-96.
After clothing and property, Alexander moved his focus to local government, being elected to his first term as mayor in 1897.  In 1901 during his second elected term, he began bringing a more powerful image to the mayoral office and transforming the face of Boise by prosecuting brothels, professionalizing the Fire Department, and bringing the power to veto to the mayor’s office.
Though he lost his first campaign for governor, in 1916, Moses Alexander became not only Idaho, but the first Jewish Governor in the United States.  His successes are truly admirable, but his love for Boise also stands out as something that seems to sometimes be forgotten in todays political races.  He is quoted

Ghostly encounters

Local citizens can tell you that the encounters around Boise extend beyond the borders of our fair city.
One story comes from a woman in McCall, only to be referred to as “A”.  While on a camping trip near Wagon Wheel Road, “A” had a terrifying experience.  Her camping partner happened to practice Wicca, and was in a state of mind to communicate with the beyond.  The topic of a former love arose who had been murdered, and the practicing witch expressed a knowledge of the killing.  “A” does not remember much after that, but woke up the next morning in the middle of the abandoned dirt road, stratch marks down both of her arms, and hand prints on her shoulders where she had apparently been grabbed.
Our second story originates in Mountain Home.  Ms. X, a Boise resident, was visiting friends in Mountain Home.  As a joke, a few of her friends left the home and warned of a ghost on their way out; Ms. X and her cohort thought nothing of it and went about their evening.  About half an hour later, they began hearing noises from the back bedroom, knowing for certain they were alone in the home.  Every 10 minutes they would hear a knocking, a creak, and then the door would close, reopening itself just to repeat the action.  Attempting to pass off the occurrance as coincidence, she and her friend turned up the movie and continued their evening.  When a loud knock came at the front door and no one was there, or anywhere in sight on the desolate Mountain Home road, the pair bolted out of the back door and Ms. X has not returned to the home since.
Your author has experienced a few ecounters as well.  As a child, I was at the playground with a friend and we had decided to return to her home for snacks that we weren’t allowed to eat before her parents got home from work.  Upon arrival at her house, we noticed the front door open, but her parents cars were not in the driveway.  We, perhaps stupidly, entered the home and locked the door behind us, going down the stairs to the basement where her bedroom was.  This is the point at which we heard loud footsteps on the floor above us and a creaking from the stairs.  We rushed up the stairs, noticing the deadbolt had not been moved, and explored the main floor.  When we could not find anything, the back and front doors were deadbolted, and the two of us dumb-founded, we stood in silent shock as we listened to quiet voices and creaking floors in the basement below us where we had just been.  That is when we made our escape to my own home, where we did not mention the experience for years.
For myself, my most vivid experience came in high school, my freshman year.  I was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.  When I looked at the foot of my bed it looked as though there was someone sitting there, with the imprint of the body on the edge of my bed.  Thinking (hoping) is was just the way the sheets fell, I swept my feet over the covers to fix it.  It did.  A few seconds later, however, the same formation game back, and the feeling of the pressure accompanied it.  Knowing the history of my own home, and us being the first owners, I did not know what to make of the experince; this is what led me into the paranormal.
After hearing these stories, I am looking into the properties to see if there is any indication of past events that could have caused these.  I encourage any readers with experiences or questions to email me!  If you would like me to research your location for you even just to validate a suspicion or experience, my email is always open.  You may also comment on this and share your own experiences with the paranorma community; there are definitely more experiences out there than people admit.

The Host With the Most

The block where City Hall now lies — Capital to 6th Streets on Main — used to be the business of a man named George “Joe” Levy, known around town as the French Bohemian.  During the time of Joe Levy’s business, a legitimate business owner by the name of Davis Levy, a baker with the best biscuits in town, is often confused with Joe.  But they are indeed very different Levys.
The block that Joe Levy occupied was a collection of “legitimate businesses”, most of which were saloons, dance halls and the like.  In the back, however, were his collection of Soiled Doves.  Prostitutes. They preffered the afore mentioned term, however, as it provided them with more of a gentlewomanly appearance.  One of the bars he owned, with the most bar fights and most…ahem…business, was called the Bucket of Blood.  Just the place to go and relax after a hard day at Pioneer Tent and Awning (just down the street on 6th, the horse is still on top of the building).
Levy was not necessarily known for his personable attitude, and that was made known on several occassions.  His main competetor was the 444 Club on Idaho Street, once the largest brothel in Boise, in the building where Java now lies.  There was also business going on across the street from Levy’s at the Adlemann Building.  It is believed, however, that the woman killed in the basement by a drunk patron was indeed one of Levy’s Doves.  But perhaps the most apparent detail of his bad attitude came when he was sick of his landlord bothering him for money.  So he killed him and ran off to Portland.  He was sighted after this, but no confirmed encounters; it is believed he made his way back to France.
After Levy had gone and his businesses were slowly shutting down, the first vacated building on the corner of Idaho and Capital, behind the then current businesses, was opened as one of the first schoolhouses in Boise.  What better neighbors for small children could be imagined?
Eventually, the buildings were demolished and the entire street taken up by the City Hall, torn down and redone years later.
If you listen closely in the Adelmann you can hear a fight between a man and woman; Levy and an employee?  Perhaps the poor girl killed by the drunkard?  It is believed by some, however, that the essence of Levy can still be felt at times even in our new City Hall.  Perhaps he came back from France to watch over his new Doves of Main Street.

Permanent Guests

Built in 1902, the Idan-ha Hotel has been the host to celebrities, presidents, governors and mayors. It maintains its stature on the corner of 10th and Main streets, and is now used as an apartment building.  The Idan-ha still host patrons with a restaurant on the first floor and a  speak-easy of sorts ‘neath the sidewalk.  It is also rumored, however, to be host to more unpredictable guests.
There have been several reported experiences in the Idan-ha Hotel, beginning in the 1920s after the bellman was murdered in a wrong-place-wrong-time scenario.  His likeness has been seen throughout the building, though his main appearences are on the sixth floor where his death took place.  One night while diligently checking floors, he opened the elevator to the sixth and was shot on sight.  Experiences with the bellman have not been reported as angry or vengeful; rather a young man still doing his job, making sure people arrive safely to their destination.  If you visit the building and feel accompanied to your room, as is often reported, it’s just the bellman.
The basement and forth floors are the other most active locations.  The forth floors was the site of murderous rampage of a jealous husband, killing his wife with a pair of scissors after suspecting her of an affair.  The entities of husband and wife have been seen on the fourth floor, however she also visits the basement gallery where her beloved buried her post mortem.
Reported experiences in building range from the feeling of being watched or followed and bad smells, to night visions of blood on the walls and being awakened by being pulled from bed.
Whatever the experiences may be, they are surely not alone.  Stories of happenings and spontaneous incidents have been occurring for the better half of a century, and show no signs of slowing.

The Beer King of Boise and the hauntings left behind

John Lemp, known as the Beer King of Boise, arrived in the US in the mid 1800s, knowing no English, owning nothing.  Lemp learned most of his Enlish while clerking at a store in Kentucky, eventually moving his way to Colorado.  In 1865, however, he, too, got gold fever and made the move to Idaho.  As legend goes, he bought his brewery on the corners of 6th and Main for a cup of gold dust.
Across the street from his brewery was the Turnervein building, though not erected and named until 1906 when a group of German gymnasts had finally gathered enough men from their homeland to form a gentlmans club of their own in the building.  Lemp, being from Germany himself, supplied the Turners with his special Holiday Lager free of charge every season.
Lemp became Boise’s first German-born Mayor, living in the mayoral manision (now torn down) on Grove Street with their 13 children.  Still known as the Lemp Block, Main Street between 8th and 9th streets were the locations of Lemp’s Dry Goods, as well as the Hotel he ran.  Lemp was also well known for donating money and volunteering his time to help build warehouses, banks, saloons, canals, a volunteer fire department, and an entire block of the North End during it’s prime development stage.The brewing company, later the statesman building, now containing such businesses as the Reef and Tom Graineys, have both been rumored to have eerie things happen when the lights go out; is Lemp still watching over his cup of gold brewery?Even across the street, the Turners are still celebrating with their Holiday Lager.  Most likely with the girl who died in the elevator shaft in the 1920s….

Boise: As Seen on TV

The Ghost Adventures Crew and their visit to the Old Idaho Penitentiary was not the first time the Travel Channel has made their way to the City of Trees.
The Travel Channel also runs a show aptly named “Ghost Stories.”  These episodes are hour long stories of places that are rumored to be haunted in cities across the United States.  The production crew had gotten wind of the Egyptian Theatre from local reporter-turned-ghost hunter, Dan Hamilton, along with confirmations of experiences from other paranormal investigators and employees of the theatre.  Travel Channel made the decision to feature the Egyptian in one of their shows (avaible for viewing at, and thusly named Boise on of the most haunted cities of the Northwest.  This is the story of why…
Built in 1927 to replace the Pinney Theatre, built by former mayor James Pinney, in an attempt to thwart the image of our stagecoach-manufacturing epicenter.   Larger cities had begun to built larger, more extravagant theatres, and these were being erected around the era that silent films would be replaced by films with sound.  However, the Egyptian Theatre was built initially as a silent movie theatre, and still has the original pipe organ, making it the only surviving theatre from the silent-film era in Boise.
The ”picture palace” was given the name Egyptian Theatre and it’s current–and original–appearance because of the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb in 1922.  However, the name was breifly changed to the Ada Theatre, but changed back only a few years later.
During Urban Renewal in the late 1960s-early 1970s, the buildings on the blocks leading up to the Egyptian were being torn down to make way for progress.  The building was on the list to be destroyed when an anonymous donor purchased the property for an undisclosed amount, making it impossible for the city to destroy.  In 1979-80 the inside of the theatre was remade, that is, the seating.  The original artwork only required a little cleaning to look as good as new.
Throughout this process, since the early 1960s, there was a man who ran the projector; his name was Joe.  Joe was the projection engineer for the theatre for the better part of 50 years.  One day, on his way up to the projection booth, Joe suffered a massive heart attack and passed away in the theatre he loved so much.  The atmosphere hasn’t been the same since.  Employees have reported odd smells in the theatre, disembodied laughing, and being physically touched by something that was not visible.
The location has been investigated by more than one paranormal group, and the evidence collected suggests that it is quite an active location.  One example of this: an investigator was standing on the stage of the theatre and looked up into the projection booth to see the same of a man standing there, appearing to be looking down at him.  When he went up the stairs to check the door, he quickly realized that it was locked, and no one on the investigation was given a key to any doors.  Making his way back down to the stage, he attempted to make contact with Joe, and when he attempted to comment on an odd feeling he was experiencing, a fellow investigator told him to stand very still.  On one of the devices they were using that evening, there was the distinct shape of a man standing right next to him.
Throughout the evening, they reported more touching on shoulders, a disembodied laugh, and a shadow projected onto the stage from the projection booth.  Part of their investigation is also available for viewing on YouTube.
An interesting fact to consider about this property:  all of the images on the wall, the original Egyptian hieroglyphs, are from the Book of the Dead.

An Evening with the Ghost Hunters at St. Albans Sanatorium

I attended my first Ghost Hunters event last weekend, March 19, at St. Alban’s Sanatorium in Radford, VA. This event was hosted by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, both are lead investigators with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and are currently featured on SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” paranormal reality show. Also in attendance were John Zaffis, a renowned demonologist, and Bruce Tango, better known as the father of Dave Tango, another cast member of “Ghost Hunters”.
The evenings itinerary was a meet and greet, followed by a lecture from John Zaffis, and a Q & A session with Jason and Grant. After this we were divided into four groups to do a tour/investigation. As I crossed the bridge that takes you over the New River in Virginia, I could see the structure to my left on a hill. It was built in Victorian style and had once been regal, but was now sad and in need of repair. The main structure is over 115 years old. It was built originally to serve as a school for boys, and was used as such from 1892 until 1911. Purchased again in 1915, it was then used for a psychiatric care facility. After 1980 it was no longer used for patients and was later given to the Radford University Foundation in the early 2000′s.
A local man has plans to purchase the property in order to renovate and use the structure for a center for spiritual research and enlightenment. He had been a patient there when he was younger and from the treatment he received for Asperger’s Syndrome, he is now able to be highly functioning and live a full life. 
There were other paranormal investigative groups that were a part of this weekend-long event. Some members acted as security, and others were guides that also manned various areas inside the building.
During the meet and greet I was able to say a quick hello and shake hands with Jason, Grant, John, and Bruce, as well as purchase any memorabilia that ranged from books and DVD’s to photos and clothing. Everyone was very polite and thanking those in line for coming.
After the brief history of St. Alban’s, John Zaffis gave his prepared lecture. This was very professional and full of information on his subject of expertise – demonology. He included many excerpts from various TV shows and real-life exorcisms that he was affiliated with. The sounds from the exorcisms themselves were heart-wrenching and frightening. One that was very emotional for me was the last exorcism that was performed on Emily Rose, of movie fame. She spoke in German in a voice that didn’t seem physically possible to come from a young woman. She passed away during this last exorcism.
Mr. Zaffis took questions from the audience, then Jason and Grant were introduced. A Q & A session followed that found Jason walking up and down the aisle to take questions because the lighting didn’t allow them to see the back of the room. Many different questions were asked, including a lot pertaining to how the show works behind the scenes. Grant and Jason both told a few humorous stories about past and current cast members. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the conversation.
Next we were broken up into four groups to be taken to separate areas of the building where a host would be waiting to assist us in conducting an investigation. Some people brought a lot of investigative equipment, and others had basics or none at all.
Our first stop was with John Zaffis. He employed the use of a Ghost Box and we were all able to hear a voice say “Peter” many times, especially when asked what his name was. Some of the other words were hard for me to make out. Others claimed to hear more phrases and words.
The next stop was with Jason and Grant. There was a room to the side of this floor that had been successful in obtaining EVP’s, so I headed that way. It was carpeted and the door shut tight so there was little, if any, contamination from outside noise. They had also asked the people in our group to be quiet and mindful of others trying to gather evidence.
For me this was easily the best time of the night. I was in the room with two others, one that I was acquainted with on Twitter who was an author with a paranormal book under her belt. She had interviewed both Jason and Grant in depth and had met them on previous occasions.
Jason and Grant both popped in to see how we were doing. After a few pleasantries were exchanged, Grant decided to sit with us and chat for awhile. He was a very kind person and seemed genuinely interested in each of us. We all talked about many subjects and found him to be an easy-going, down-to-earth guy. He did eventually offer to bring us a snack and when he mentioned a Snickers bar, yours truly jumped at the offer. To show you what a generous guy he is, he gave me the remaining half of a King Size Snickers. I was very grateful for the sugar to keep me awake and for his hospitality.
Our next stop was with a local paranormal group. They displayed new equipment they had designed for the ever-expanding field. There seemed to be some activity on this floor. A room named “Jacob’s Room” was said to have a little boy entity that would react to certain people, and a staircase had reports of people having a tug on their ankles as they walked up. Some of the equipment located in different areas of this floor would alert us to possible activity throughout our stay. When we ventured to the attic, there was an oppressive feeling to the atmosphere. A bathroom on this floor had 2 suicides documented. While attempting an EVP session in this area, one person claimed to see a shadow person. The uncomfortable feeling for myself grew in intensity here. Eventually I gave in to it and left the floor. As we walked down to the floor with the equipment mentioned previously, the electronics began reacting again. Make of it what you will, but I know that this area felt differently than the others.
The last stop was in the bowling alley in the basement of the building with Bruce Tango. This was also the area where the electric shock therapy was performed. It was a dark, damp, and very cold area. Bruce offered to head an EVP session in the electric shock therapy room itself. This room was uncomfortable in general and that could be due to knowing what went on in here. About 12 people followed him and stood silently around the perimeter in the darkness. A few K2 meters were set in the floor around us, and some audio recorders. I had brought a K2 and also used it here along with a voice recorder. He explained that the previous night they were getting K2 hits if they talked about southern food. We tried it and found that as soon as people spoke their favorite southern treat, sure enough, K2′s started lighting up. Another couple experimented with asking the entity to lower the temperature and it lowered by 2 degrees in the span of 30 seconds. After they thanked it, the temperature went back up. I stayed in this room the entire time and Bruce told many entertaining stories and a few personal experiences. Being a New Jersey cop for over 20 years, hearing him tell about something that spooked him seemed more profound.
The night was a wonderful experience filled with learning and enjoyment. Since this was my first time attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to say I was surprised by the amount of personal attention we all received.
I highly recommend attending one of these events if you have the opportunity.

Choosing a group. A few tips when searching for a para-group.

If  believe you are experiencing paranormal activity and find yourself looking for help from a paranormal investigation group.  Here are a few things to look for during your search.
First and foremost, I would make sure any of the groups you are considering do their investigations FREE of charge.  Red Flag!Charging for ghost hunting is always a red-flag period.  Secondly, look for words like “certified”.  Nobody has the authority to classify a para-group “certified”.  Paranormal investigating and ghost hunting do not have a governing body to disperse such certification.  This is not to say an individual or group can’t have certification in videography, photography, audio production, and/or other relevant education.
Web presence is always a good way to determine which groups are serious about their intentions.  A group should have it’s philosophy and approach laid out for all to see.  They should have information on the types of tools that are used and their respective uses.  It is always a good sign to see a member page with images as well as brief descriptions to give the client a chance to understand who they may be contacting.  Details on how the group handles new members such as background checks, drug tests, etc.  I personally would stay away from web pages that are hosted free of charge on advertisement sites.  If they can’t invest in a web presence, how much are they going to invest in you, the client…
I realize this list is minimal in size but it should give you a good place to start in your search for a paranormal group.

Ouija Boards? Not for us!

They come in just about any color you want anymore.  From classic tan to bright pink and even glow in the dark.  It is considered a game by the majority and sold in just about every major department store around.  I am talking ofcourse about the ouija board.  I will lead off by saying Boise City Ghost Hunters does not in any way condone the use of ouija boards in any instance. 
Many in the paranormal research field feel these games that seem harmless are a welcome mat to the most harmful of creatures.  It is believed that opening the doors to the unknown through inexperienced ouija play can create more problems than ever imagined.  Many have played the game to simply see what it’s all about.  Some have played to reach long lost relatives and loved ones.  An unfortunate number of souls have played the game to push the limits of what would and what could.  How many of us as teenagers faced a decision to participate in playing the Ouija board.  How many of us although against our better judgement and more than likely our religious beliefs played anyway.  The dangerous fact is that teenagers seem to be the most vulnerable to fall victim to any negative energies willing to come out.  Teenagers seem to be at the highest risk, especially, young females to become attached to these entities.  Allowing the possibility of a poltergeist and other negative activity which not only endangers the youth but the family that surrounds them. 
Although many of the stories aren’t documented with evidence.  And most of what you hear from the paranormal community are theories.  It appears to me that the odds are in favor of the unknown, not those with the desire to know.  We at Boise City Ghost Hunters strongly urge you to just say NO to the ouija board. 
Quick question for the reader.  Have you ever used a ouija board?  And if so was the outcome positive or negative?

Shadow People

Have you ever been sitting watching TV to suddenly catch a shadow out of the corner of your eye?  Or maybe you were laying in bed and start to see a dark mass move across the wall in front of you.  Both are instances that are sometimes referred to as shadow people.  There have been many accounts of people seeing shadow people all around the world.  Many times they are attributed to active imagination and a subtle amount of unexpected light.
There are a couple things you can look for when dealing with shadow people.
  • One, you can inspect the area in which you experience the activity.  Make sure there are no windows, cracks from doors, or any other source of light not from the immediate surroundings.  If you find there is light coming through the window hang blackout curtains, or place a heavy blanket over it.  If there is light sneaking underneath a door roll up a towel and place it in front of the space.
  • Two, you can evaluate the lighting in the room.  If there are any nightlights, lamps, or other lights in the room make sure to turn them all off.
Once you have completed the steps listed above you will have eliminated all external light from the area in question.  If you still find yourself with shadow activity you may have an authentic case of shadow people.  This is where you would contact a local Paranormal Team to help investigate further.  They should have the tools and experience to hopefully capture something on film, and/or find any other options that may have been overlooked.

Common Misperceptions

Since the beginning of Boise City Ghost Hunters there has been one request we receive more than any other.  That request is to analyze pictures taken from around the valley and beyond.  I personally love receiving these emails because it means a great deal to me to have such trust from the community.
The most popular images we receive to review are of mysterious mist floating through the air.  Almost 100 percent of the time these ghostly mysteries are a combination of cold weather and taking a breath simoltaniously while taking the shot.  Don’t feel bad if you have fallen victim to breathing.  The best remedy is to hold your breath approximately 5 seconds before and after your shot.  In the future if you think you have captured a suspicious mist, recap when and where you took the image.  Was it cold?  Was it early morning? Etc. 
The other most common misperception is seeing a face in a picture, most of the time this is due to matrixing.  Matrixing is the mind finding familiar shapes in the midst of many other more complex shapes.  An example would be looking at a textured wall and finding the image of an animal within.
When it comes to analyzing images these are the methods we use to determine the validity of the questioned source.  One thing to always keep in mind is that we aren’t there when the picture is taken.  If you take a picture and it stands out to you, be sure to jot down the time, date, and weather conditions.  So that we can best assist you with your questions.

Founders Pledge

Thank you for visiting Boise City Ghost Hunters (BoiC.G.H.). Let me first introduce myself. My name is Michael Hroma and I am the founder of BoiC.G.H. I started this group to build on the curiosity that started in me many years ago. I don’t like to think we are capitalizing on the long list of television shows about the paranormal, but those shows have begun a process of acceptance for the field. I firmly believe the field of paranormal research is well worth the time and dedication put into it. I have chosen to dedicate much of my personal life outside of a busy work schedule and family to help those in our community. Some have questions but many experience horrific fears. No one deserves to be afraid in there own domain. No parent should ever have to fear for their children’s safety from the unknown. We may not be able to stop their fears completely, but we can try our very best to find answers to comfort those in need. I promise to do everything in my power to educate myself daily to help increase credibility to paranormal research and help those in need.

Paranormal Investigator “certification”, and Charging for investigations.

First off, over the past year or so, many paranormal websites and/or groups have offered courses of certification for paranormal investigating. There is no certification available for this field. If someone is offering certification courses on the subject of paranormal investigations and charging for them, then you should be very concerned about your investment. Outside of psychology, religious theory, videography, photography classes, and a few others, there is no way any group or person can “certify” themselves as a paranromal investigator.
This is not to discredit the many appearances, speaches, and public hunts paranormal groups hold all around the world. Those can definitely benefit someone interested in becoming a paranormal investigator. But they WILL NOT and CANNOT certify you. They are merely there to educate, enlighten, and promote the field of paranormal investigating.
Secondly, I want to briefly discuss the paranormal groups that charge for investigations, specific parts of the process, and/or time. Paranormal investigating is first and foremost a way for unselfish people all around the world to come together and help their communities. I would not condone any group that charges for any part of their investigation process. Donations are acceptable but should never be solicited and/or required.
These are just a few issues I have seen over the past year in our ever growing community of paranormal groups and investigators. Please if you are looking for help take these thoughts into consideration before you make your decision…

Christians and Ghost Hunting

Recently it has been brought to my attention just how contorted some Christians views are on Ghost Hunting. This is duely upsetting to me since I am both a Christian and a Ghost Hunter. These are a few of the quotes I have read:
“…Yes, they are wasting their valuable lives and time on something very shallow and unfulfilling indeed to say nothing for the people who regularly watch these shows. God help them…”
“…I know people who, after watching these programs, are now seriously using and exploring Ouiji boards, Tarot and other aspects of the occult…”
“…While I most definitely believe in the ‘reality’ of ghosts, I also believe that these spirits are nothing to play around with, there is a reason why these dark souls have not made it to heaven…”
“…These programs are dangerous on a number of levels. It encourages people to explore the occult…”
I know that my para-group Boise City Ghost Hunters is opposed to such communicational devices as Ouija boards, and psychics. Furthermore, I don’t personally know of any para-groups that do promote the use of such tools. It really bothers me that someone would think paranormal investigation is a “waste of valuable lives and time”. I think it is the exact opposite. It is an important use of time to help a fellow neighbor during what is in most cases a very traumatic experience.
“There is a reason these dark souls have not made it to heaven”? Matthew 27:52-53, “and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who have fallen asleep, arose; and having come forth out of the tombs after Jesus’ rising, they went into the holy city and appeared to many.” So my question would be, why if the saints appeared to many rising from their tombs would all of the souls today be dark and negative entities? Even Jesus’ disciples proclaimed they had seen an apparition when He was walking upon the water in Matthew 14:26.
“It encourages people to explore the occult”? I have seen Ghost Hunting shows talk about the occult or show a symbol here and there. Yet I have never heard them say anything good could come of those affiliations and/or rituals. If nothing else, I would say most of the time these shows confirm why it is not good to entertain the thoughts of any occult involvement. Again, I would state that I don’t know of any “real life” paranormal “ghost hunting” groups that support the use of negative agents.
I look at ghost hunting as a way for me to help my community when people have nowhere else to turn, because they are embarrassed to talk with their church, or not worried enough to call the police. Or they are terrified beyond their capacity and want some closure. That is why I founded Boise City Ghost Hunters. Our goal is to walk into a home where children won’t sleep in their bedrooms or an adult is scared for his or her well-being, and figure out what is going on. Even if the evidence shows some signs of paranormal, at least we have helped that family or person reach some understanding. From there we can help figure out the next step towards normalcy. Sometimes it may bring a person closer to his or her faith. It may cause a family to decide to leave their home. We are just trying to bring safety and peace of mind to those in need.
Michael H – Founder, Boise City Ghost Hunters
We are here to help you, whatever way we can.


German word meaning “noisy spirit”. Polturn to knock + Geist spirit
Merriam-Webster defines it as: a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings)
Most poltergeist experiences are reported to begin with unexplained noises from within the dwelling. Typically for a poltergeist to occur there is a need for a proxy. A strong theory is that adolescent females may be the most likely to become an advocate to a poltergeist. The theory is based on studies that show females ages 13 through their early twenties tend to go through serious psychological and physical changes. This could allow the poltergeist to take advantage of its vulnerable prey. However, don’t be fooled. Anyone at anytime could become an agent to a poltergeist. Psychokinesis is thought to be the mental component that allows the agent to unconsciously cause the audible and physical disturbances.
Poltergeist experiences have been known to possess some or all of the following claims:
Banging on walls, rapping on windows, unexplained sounds that come from literally nowhere, objects being thrown through the air, objects dropping at your feet crashing to the ground causing them to break, things disappearing and reappearing, beds shaking
On some rare occasions claims have been as follows:
Small fires, water seemingly dripping from nowhere, apparitions being seen
Merriam-Webster definition: movement of physical objects by the mind without use of physical means